• Own your own decentralizeddata platform

September 2016

We do the tech,
You do the rest

Camp.io removes all the complexity of running a decentralized data and execution platform




Easily coordinate multiple data sources coming from devices, peoples or services around the world through a P2P platform.

Data is yours

Your data is your own, share and store it on your terms. With camp.io you can choose to store your data on the cloud or on your own infrastructure. Then choose to share all, some or none of it with others or the world at large.


Camp.io provides a service on top of the barrel platform a complete opensource decentralized data and execution data platform.

We Build

Camp.io delivers an intuitive experience for you, your staff and your users.

Need a customized solution or custom integration?
We can build, deploy and maintain it.

Camp.io Model



camp.io provides
technology & platform


Customizable interface

Accounting system

Data platform management tools

Data Hubs

You handle
your data


choose where to host your data

share and distribute easily your data with your customers and your community

Connect multiple data sources coming from devices, peoples, applications or services using camp.io hubs

Invite available


Please fill out the form to request an invite to join the camp.io service during its launch phase.






Questions about Camp.io?

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